Why Settle? Get the Best. IntelliCloud is our as-a-service offering for analytics at scale. IntelliCloud provides the most performant and secure analytics platform in the cloud, and enables you to get going quickly while scaling up and down as you evolve. 
High-Performance Analytics in the Cloud

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We provide the most performant analytics software for always-on cloud analytics deployed anywhere — AWS, Azure, Teradata Cloud, or on-premises.


IntelliCloud subscriptions enable you to focus on analytics while we handle setup, management, maintenance, and software and infrastructure support.


With offer enterprise-class security with third-party audits to demonstrate ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2, PCI, and HIPAA compliance.


Start driving smart business decisions right away with award-winning software in our secure service environment.


Our SLA-guaranteed 99.9% uptime translates to higher productivity plus satisfaction from data scientists and business users.


Flexible, flat rate subscription pricing provides predictable and manageable costs aligned with your operational budget.


We handle your infrastructure-level tasks — patches, upgrades, administration, reporting, ticket resolution — you manage your business.


No need to start over, simply re-use existing investments (training, integration, testing) with IntelliCloud.

Secure Environment

Implemented to rigorous ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA standards.

Network Connectivity

Pick your pipe: the standard is a 100 Mbps VPN, but 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps dedicated links are also options.

Platform Choice

Select from AWS or Microsoft Azure public cloud resources, or opt for Teradata Hardware in our data centers.

System Maintenance

We handle all the care and feeding of your environment, including patch management and software upgrades.

System Administration

Relax. The Teradata Cloud Operations team monitors and manages your analytics platform for you.

Ecosystem Software

Your analytic environment includes more than just Teradata elements—and we can help you with all of it.

Elastic Scalability

Quickly scale up and down to meet nearly any performance, data size, concurrency, and user base needs.

Onboarding Services

We enable you to get up and running quickly with system provisioning assistance and validation.


Regardless of the environment—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Teradata Cloud, or On-Premises in your own data center—IntelliCloud delivers the most performant analytics software for always-on analytics in the cloud. Why settle for less? 


We contractually guarantee the availability of your analytics platform with IntelliCloud. Our Service Level Agreement for up to 99.9% uptime translates into more productivity and higher satisfaction from your data scientists and business users.


Security is our number one priority with IntelliCloud. We offer peace of mind with enterprise-class security designed for GDPR and we’ve invested in third-party audits to demonstrate compliance with the ISO 27001, SOC 1 and 2, PCI, and HIPAA standards.


We handle infrastructure-level tasks for you— software patches, version upgrades, user administration, performance reporting, and support ticket resolution—so you can focus on managing your business.


Accelerate Your Business Value with IntelliCloud

Our flexible subscription pricing reduces the need for large capital outlays — and software tiers help you align costs with your operational budget, de-risking your deployment decisions.

IntelliCloud Deployment Options

Infrastructure Instance Type Database Tier Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly
AWS m4.4xl Base $3,729 $5.01 $2,373 $3.19 $1,695 $2.28
Advanced $5,466 $7.35 $3,479 $4.68 $2,484 $3.34
Enterprise $6,625 $8.90 $4,217 $5.67 $3,013 $4.05
m4.10xl Base $8.795 $11.82 $5,597 $7.52 $3,998 $5.37
Advanced $12,892 $17.33 $8,206 $11.03 $5,860 $7.88
Enterprise $15,627 $21.00 $9,947 $13.37 $7,106 $9.55
m4.16xl Base $16,001 $21.51 $10,183 $13.69 $7,273 $9.78
Advanced $23,456 $31.53 $14,929 $20.07 $10,661 $14.33
Enterprise $28,432 $38.22 $18,097 $24.32 $12,929 $17.38
Infrastructure Instance Type Database Tier Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly
Azure DS14_v2 Base $8,293 $11.15 $5,277 $7.09 $3,770 $5.07
Advanced $12,157 $16.34 $7,738 $10.40 $5,525 $7.43
Enterprise $14,736 $19.81 $9,379 $12.61 $6,701 $9.01
DS15_v2 Base $10,350 $13.91 $6,586 $8.85 $4,704 $6.32
Advanced $15,172 $20.39 $9,656 $12.98 $6,896 $9.27
Enterprise $18,391 $24.72 $11,705 $15.73 $8,363 $11.24
Infrastructure Instance Type Database Tier Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly
IntelliBase IntelliBase Base $10,985 $14.76 $6,990 $9.40 $4,993 $6.71
Advanced $16,103 $21.64 $10,249 $13.78 $7,319 $9.84
  • Hourly prices are effective rates for comparison purposes only based on a 31-day month; services not sold on hourly basis.
  • Minimum subscription is for 2 instances; U.S. pricing for 1 instance is shown above. See FAQ for more details.


Contact us for IntelliCloud on IntelliFlex pricing.

  • What’s New

Backup As-a-service

Take more control of your IntelliCloud daily backups—and start and stop these jobs as you wish.

Management Console

With IntelliCloud, we take care of your environment—but you can still twist a few knobs to tailor the system to your precise needs.

International Availability

We’ve expanded our international IntelliCloud footprint to include multiple AWS and Azure regions in North America, Europe, and soon Asia Pacific.

  • Backup As-a-service
  • Management Console
  • International Availability

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